Functional Point

The nutrigenomics way to achieve your wellness

The full wellness of a person does not consist only in the absence of disease, it is also done of a completely efficiency of its physical, metabolic-biochemical, cognitive and psycho-emotional functions. All these elements are part of a positive vitality state, which is unique for each individual.

Functional Point uses innovative diagnostics to achieve your health and wellness.

Diagnostics tests for Doctors and Nutritionists

Our exclusive tests, developed in Functional Point, allow Doctors, Nutritionists, Biologists and all the experts working with us to increase their professionalism through modern and high performance tools.

Functional Point has developed simple but very complete kit instructions of use that guide the patient to an easy and not invasive sampling.

What is Functional Medicine?

Exist different types of “Functional Medicines” so it is very easy to get confused. Every “types” of Functional Medicine has its studies, research, methods and guru.
Therefore, it is necessary to underline that most Italians Functional Doctors, when they speak about Functional Medicine, refer to the German school. Its theories are developed on a bioenergetic, homeopathic and antihomotoxic side. Some instead speak about Functional Medicine refering to the theories developed by the French school of Menetrie.
For the traditional medicine, general doctors or Hospitals, the adjective “functional” sticks all those diseases called “sine materia”, otherwise called psychosomatic diseases.
In “our” theories the “functional” term is used to refer to the very first changes that appear at the level of the “function” of the cell, before the dysfunctional conditions evolve in an organ-tissue disease or even worse in a global organism dysfunction.
In this case, we can say that the Functional Medicine anticipates the traditional Medicine, because the Functional Medicine pays attention to the physiological, emotional and cognitive changes preceding the disease.
Per la medicina convenzionale, della mutua e degli ospedali, l’aggettivo “funzionale” si appiccica a tutte le malattie “sine materia”, psicosomatiche per i raffinati o più sbrigativamente immaginarie”. Nella “nostra” accezione, il termine “funzionale” viene utilizzato in riferimento ai primissimi cambiamenti che intercorrono a livello della “funzione” cellulare, prima che il perdurare delle condizioni disfunzionali evolva in patologia franca organo-tissutale o addirittura in sofferenza globale dell’organismo. La Medicina Funzionale anticipa la medicina diagnostica. Essa presta attenzione ai cambiamenti fisiologici, emozionali e cognitivi che precedono l’insorgere della malattia.

Diagnostics tests

Functional Point offers a range of diagnostics tests dedicated to the gastrointestinal tract (digestion activity). This tract is a very important structure responsible for the immunological response in the human body and it is also a very important district of the autonomic nervous system.